The Brexit Ship

Nov 17




Helen Whitten

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The Brexit Ship

After a week of such turmoil I can think of little to say other than to share with you the poem I wrote about Brexit:

The Brexit Ship by Helen Whitten

Buffeted and adrift on a turbulent sea
the anchor is up, the mooring rope cut.
We slip between waves of deceit,
lurch around rocks,
lost in caverns of denial.
The Brexit ship is stuck in a fog
of conflict and confusion.
No direction has been set,
the navigation charts sunk long ago
in the depths of egotism and back-stabbing,
intransigence on all sides.
Which way now the crew ask
to China, India, New York?
On lands far and wide people wait and watch,
scratch their heads in bewilderment.
The captain’s shoulders shrug in despair
no answer forthcoming,
no-one at the helm,
the boat twists and turns
somewhere out at sea.

Hey ho, and so it goes on and presumably, one day, we shall end up in a place of greater clarity!


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